It’s Been a Long Trip!

It’s been a long couple of weeks away from home, but I really can’t complain. Arriving first in Munich and then taking a train down to an amazing climbing town called Arco in Italy.

Arco really must be heaven for climbers. Every second store is a climbing shop or gelato. The town is surrounded by cliff faces and there is a beautiful river to cool down in, as well as a stunning lake, where rumours of deep water soloing are whispered. 

With the world youth championships come a star studded collection of international grip masters. It seems almost dream like watching almost every climber you read about in current magazines, or watch on epic TV and youtube world cup highlights, strolling down the narrow streets not 3 meters form you.

It has been a frantic, yet amazing year already. Starting up Tri-Climbing, taking the head coach role, setting at almost every major comp and new gym in Victoria, visiting the wild west (Perth) and then off to Europe to try and guide some of Australia’s greatest youth climbing talent.

It has not been without a hitch though. My star pupil and close friend Campbell Harrison managed to rupture a pully in the Munich World Cup not 3 weeks before he was set to climb in Arco with the rest of the team (not to mention the other WC in Norway). He recently decided not to climb, much to my relief, but also to my great sadness. I’m not sure I know anyone who wants it as badly as Campbell.

Campbell stares longingly towards the mountains as the crew enjoy the Arco river
Campbell stares longingly towards the mountains as the crew enjoy the Arco river

Jesse Ruffini, an up and coming boulderer fractured his finger, damaging his growth plate, stopping him from climbing at the Arco World Youth Championships also. Jesse I know less, however his disappointment is evident as he watches his peers.

helping nanki
Going through the first Youth B female qualification with Nanki Soin

To add to the confusion, my grandmother passed away on the 27th of August and I wish that I could have been there for my mother. A close friend was diagnosed with cancer and another with a serious illness. There are moments where I feel miles away from where I should be. I can only hope that I am doing a good job here in Arco.

This trip has definitely come at a cost, but the things I have learned and the people I have met have definitely made it worth while.