The New Years Resolution Resolve

New zealand hiking

So what were your new years resolutions this year?

Apparently 45% of us make a resolution and 66% of those are fitness related. On top of that 73% never reach their goal. Those are some pretty full on odds. To provide a bit of reality to these numbers, if we had 1000 people, 450 of them would make a resolution, 297 of those would be fitness related, of that 297, 80 would reach their goal. That’s not a lot.

Lying on the matts

So if you are in the 30% of people who made fitness based new years resolution this year, how can you become the handful that actually attain their goal? Well the answer, as my mother used to tell me, is to KISS it. KISS it is an acronym that stands for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. Maybe originating as more of a joke than actual advise, this, I assure you, is the way forward.

From the start, venturing on any journey that requires hard work and dedication is….. well……. hard. Add complexity to the plan and your chances of success decrease dramatically.

A simple training plan could be 3 – 4 days:

  • Climb
  • Campus
  • Core


The other thing you want to do, KNOW YOUR GOAL. I encounter climbers all the time, whose goal is, ‘be a better climber’. But what on earth does that mean? Do you want to look better climbing, with a flowing style and perfect footwork? Do you want to finish your double dyno to mono pocket project in the Gramps? Or do you want to on-sight old aid lines (if any still exist) at Arapiles. Achieving any of these goals would probably make any of us ‘better climbers’….. but the focus for each I assure you is different. So KNOW YOUR GOAL!!

trad climbing araps

Once you have sorted these things out, you are at least more likely to succeed. Write it down on a big bit of paper and put it up in your room, behind the toilet door, anywhere where you are going to see it and it is going to remind you!

Finally, don’t get frustrated. Life gets in the way sometimes, injuries prevent us from doing what we want. Maybe a friend’s wedding, or school. Don’t get mad, don’t get frustrated, just pick it back up and keep working! The only failure is when you stop trying!

So, if you want to attain your goals this year –

  • K.I.S.S it
  • Don’t get frustrated

Good Luck!