WYCH 2017 by the Numbers

The largest indoor climbing facility in the world.

They were not joking!


The space


The new Walltopia built indoor climbing facility in Innsbruck Austria is of epic proportions. 4500 m2 of route climbing and 1200 m2 of bouldering, it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Everything about this place was big. 400+ volumes used for bouldering, around 200 more for lead. Almost 1million euro’s of climbing holds in one place. The event itself was a 12 day epic, with around 1200 individual athletes flying in from around 70 nations, and for the first time, Olympic glory seemed to be on everyone’s mind, with the first global combined event ever (combined is the Olympic format, including Lead, Speed and Boulder).


Jessee Climbing in semi finals

Australia sent 19 athletes in total, 16 competing in lead, 11 in speed, 14 in boulder and 10 in the combined format. Our best result was 9th (Young superstar Oceania Mackenzie, in both combined and lead, also finishing 15th in boulder, special mention to Jesse Ruffini finishing in 19th in boulder).


We had 2 coaches, 1 team manager and too many parents (joking guys, you are all amazing). The team trip took 20 days and covered 2 countries (Austria and Germany).

Queensland had the most number of competitors finishing in the top 50% of the field and their best discipline was bouldering, no idea why…..

All in all, Jacky Godoffe (the chief setter for boulders) still climbs harder than you at 61 and suggested that all in all they set more than 90 boulders for the event.

A less numerically based review will be out shortly…..

The training walls upstairs….